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Submissions are invited (but not limited to) the following areas and subjects:

Applied Geoinformatics
  • Open Source Geospatial Technologies: Its values and applications
  • Geodata and Geoscience to support realisation and measurung SDGs
  • Implementation of OpenAPI based services
  • APIs to deliver Climate, Water and Weather Datasets
  • Educational approaches
Digital Transformation
  • Big Geo Data Handling
  • AI and Machine Learning in the Geospatial Field
  • Internet of Things, Sensor Web, SDI and linked data
  • Smart Cities
  • Digital Twins: Foundations and Sample Implementations
  • Digital twins in urban planning
  • Realtime 3D
Environmental stewardship
  • Food and Water, Hunger and Thirst
  • Geospatial Support for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sustainable Urban and Rural Development
  • Smart Cities and Smart Sustainable Urbanism
  • Triggering transformative processes and political changes
  • Migration Patterns and Livelihood
  • Assessment, Management, and Optimization of Household Energy Use
  • Convincing people: Visualization of and Access to Environmental Data